Reach for the Sky





“Reach for the Sky”

A new recording by Andy Roberts.

Featuring: Steve Meashey – Bass, John Riley – Drums, Tom Strohman – Sax/Flute, Hector Rosado – Percussion, and Andy Roberts – Piano

Re-imagined jazz standards and original music

On sale through CDbaby, iTunes and most internet music locations.

Youtube Links -

The Jitterbug Waltz – Building 24 (Reading Pa.)

Speak Low – The Allen Theatre (Annville Pa.)

Cheese Bread – Building 24 (Reading Pa.)


Review -

They say listening to a good record should be like taking a journey without leaving the house. Ok, but this is no leisurely Sunday drive in the country, it’s more like soaring. “I like music to be an adventure for the ears” says Roberts. “where’s the fun if you know what’s coming around every turn in the road? ”

He’s assembled an experienced flight crew to provide a turbulence-free ride with his eclectic musical influences at the controls. There’s a lot here to take in, starting with his latin take on Rod Argent’s “She’s Not There,” driven impeccably by drummer John Riley and bassist Steve Meashey. Robert’s love of 1970s and 80s progressive rock also reveals itself in his interpretations of Supertramp’s “The Logical Song,” and Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them.”

“I try to take roads less travelled when it comes to writing and arranging,” he says. In other words, he never puts the plane on auto pilot.

Don’t be fooled, though, this is a jazz album. Check out the band’s take on Fats Waller’s “Jitterbug Waltz,” and Robert’s swinging composition,“Cheesebread.” He’s making a point here about the accessibility of modern music to interpretation. “Jazz is often fueled by adapting popular music of the day and using it as a vehicle for improvisation,” he says. “In that sense, there really is no difference between Fat’s Waller and Pink Floyd. I choose tunes that are personal to me. That way I can share them in a more honest way.”

I’ve known Roberts for many years, he’s courageous, inventive and always reaching for the sky.

Garry Lenton




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